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This is a thread of links to petitions and donation websites you can check in case you want to help my country. Ever since the neo-nazi right wing took over, the current Brazilian government has been committing an actual genocide against minorities.
So I felt the need to spread awareness to those who aren't aware of it.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Here's the link to issues in the whole world. Don't forget to sign them too!


Jair Bolsonaro - the current president of Brazil - has been committing all sorts of crimes against his own people by neglecting minorities, especially during COVID, ignoring their pleas for help. He openly hates on LGBTQ+ people, black people, women, indigenous people and immigrants, and now, during this pandemic, he refuses to even let people have access to food and water. It's important to keep in mind that Bolsonaro also openly supports militarism and the 1964 dictatorship Brazil went through, involving torture, kidnapping and the murder of children.

2020 UPDATES: Right now the Amazon rainforest is on fire. AGAIN. And it's worse than before. The ones to blame are five BIG farmers linked to Bolsonaro and big North American companies. Bolsonaro had the guts to blame the indigenous during a reunion in the UN. Please, help us save our people, our animals and our home from this fascist.

2021 UPDATES: The COVID-19 situation is getting worse. Currently 200 THOUSAND deaths, over 7 MILLION cases; Manaus, an Amazonian city, is OUT of supplies such as oxygen cylinders and people are suffocating to death while alt-right president Bolsonaro is touring around the country to promote hydrocoloxine, a medication that does NOT cure COVID.
A genocide is happening and he won't stop killing us!

Get to know properly what is going on with Brazilian politics here:

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